Dental EmergenciesAre you in pain with a toothache? Or have you experienced trauma to your tooth? Call emergency dentist Dr. Camille Adli now at 844-857-2643. Don’t suffer with it or rely solely on over-the-counter pain relievers. We will have you come to our office, as long as it is during our normal business hours, and we will get you out of pain. It’s usually a very simple procedure to relieve your pain. It’s important to find out what’s wrong with your tooth. After that is done, Dr. Adli will discuss your treatment options for this tooth.

When you have a toothache, it is usually due to an infection in the pulp of your tooth. The infection will continue to spread until it’s removed with a root canal treatment. That won’t be done during your emergency dentist’s appointment but will be scheduled for later, after your pain is resolved. During a root canal treatment, the pulp in the tooth is removed, the root canals are cleaned, and the inside of the tooth is disinfected and filled to seal the canals and prevent further infection.

Why See an Emergency Dentist?

A toothache is not the only reason to see an emergency dentist. If you have broken a tooth, lost a crown or a filling, or had trauma to a tooth, you need to see a dentist promptly to have the tooth examined and treated. When you get help right away, the problem is easier to treat, and you will decrease the chances of experiencing intense pain in your tooth.

Nervous About Your Dental Visit?

Fear and anxiety prevent many people from making an appointment to see the dentist. Don’t worry. We have many fearful patients. We won’t embarrass or lecture you. Dr. Adli is an emergency dentist who caters to fearful patients, and her dental treatment is gentle. Even if you need a root canal treatment, Dr. Adli can give you a pain-free experience.

What Can You Expect During Your Emergency Appointment?

Our entire staff is friendly, and we will warmly welcome you. Even though you may not be an existing patient, we will treat you like one. You can be confident that your emergency dentist’s appointment will be similar to one of our patients who said:

“I chipped off an old bonding on one of my front teeth, but part of my real tooth came off with it. I was absolutely panicked because I had to leave for a wedding in two days. I called Dr. Adli’s office and was able to come in the same day. She formed a tooth for me in about an hour, with the color matching the exact shade of the other tooth! My previous dentist probably redid this bonding three times before, and it never looked this real. I was more than ecstatic. The office is warm, and the staff is friendly.”