Affordable DentistryMaintaining good oral health helps you maintain good overall health. Many people delay or cancel dental appointments because the treatment they need is not within their budget. Dr. Camille Adli offers quality dental care, and she makes it affordable.

How Dr. Adli Makes Dental Care Affordable

Affordable dentistry does not mean cheap dentistry. Dr. Adli has high quality standards. In fact that is one of the ways she helps your care be affordable. If the dental work she does for you lasts for years, that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are some other ways she helps make her care affordable:

  • Giving you options
    She won’t push you into any treatment you don’t feel you can afford. For example, if you are missing multiple teeth, the nicest way to treat that would be with dental implants. But what if that is beyond your budget? You could save many thousands of dollars by having a removable partial denture placed instead. Dr. Adli will give you all your options and let you decide what fits your budget.
  • Phasing treatment
    You may need extensive dental treatment but it’s just too much for you to afford. But if you could spread it out over several years, this could not only help you fit it into your budget but could maximize your dental benefits. Dr. Adli’s staff are experts at maximizing your dental benefits and she will work with you in these situations to keep your costs down.
  • Reasonable fees
    Let’s face it, some dentists simply charge more than they need to. Dr. Adli is not comfortable with that philosophy. Quality materials, superior service, without cutting any corners, all at a reasonable fee—that is her philosophy.
  • Payment plans
    In addition to dental insurance, Dr. Adli accepts cash, checks, and major credit cards. Payment plans are available, including no-interest financing through Care Credit®. Call us if you have questions about our financial arrangements.

Quality, Affordable Dental Care

Although you will receive affordable dental care from Dr. Adli, there will be no sacrifice in quality. Dr. Adli uses quality materials, along with the best techniques to give you a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts.

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