Long Beach Cosmetic Dentist

Welcome to Greater Long Beach Dental, the office of Dr. Camille Adli.

When you walk into our office, you’ll notice that it has a tropic feel. A variety of fresh flowers and natural plants complement each other and are thoughtfully placed throughout our waiting area to help create a calming environment.

You’ll see smiles from our staff as they warmly welcome you to our office. As you check in, we will offer you a refreshment from our beverage station. Help yourself to coffee, juice, iced tea, or water. Our patients often tell us how much they like our exceptionally clean office and the cotton hand towels and complimentary toothbrushes in the restrooms.

During your brief wait, you can relax and browse through a brochure or magazine. We’ll ask you how your day is going, and you are welcome to chat with us, too. We’ll take note of any questions you have for Dr. Adli. We also want to know if you are having any dental pain, so that we can quickly give you some relief. We are very responsive to your needs.

A Cosmetic Dentist Who Understands Your Concerns

Dr. Adli has many loyal patients. Many of them continue to be impressed with the time Dr. Adli takes to understand and address their dental concerns. It’s her first priority when she meets you. She will pull up a chair, sit next to you, and listen. She will answer your questions and ensure that she understands your concerns and goals for your smile, and that you thoroughly understand the status of your oral health and your treatment options. Dr. Adli will never try to push you into treatment you’re not comfortable with. A few of Dr. Adli’s patients have asked to speak one-on-one with her about some of their concerns. She closes the door, listens, and does her absolute best to make them comfortable.

As you speak with Dr. Adli, you will find that her bubbly personality helps you to relax. She is quite serious about your oral health and giving you a beautiful smile, but she has a great sense of humor that helps you relax and speak with her as a friend.

A Long Beach Cosmetic Dentist Who Loves the Art

Dr. Adli’s training in cosmetic dentistry includes completion of the UCLA Aesthetic Continuum, and she participates in more than 25 hours of continuing education each year. Not only does she know the best materials and techniques required to give you a beautiful smile, Dr. Adli is an artist. Cosmetic dentistry is her passion. She loves designing and personalizing smiles, and she is a perfectionist at it. She is usually pickier about your smile than you are.

Our patients love Dr. Adli’s dedication to get it right. She delivers 100% of the time, and she won’t stop until your smile is perfect—perfectly you.

Dr. Adli’s Beautiful Smile Guarantee

Dr. Adli will give you a perfectly beautiful smile, but it will be the smile that you want. Throughout the entire process of your smile makeover, Dr. Adli will ensure that your new smile reflects your personality and preferences. Read about her beautiful smile guarantee.

Call us to schedule an appointment, or request an appointment online. If you are interested in cosmetic or implant dentistry, request a ten-minute, complimentary consultation, during which you will meet Dr. Adli and be able to ask a few questions. When you’re ready, you can schedule an appointment for an exam.


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